From Joe's Desk:  Making A School Smile
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Joseph (Joe) L. DeMeis
I was lucky, my mother's fear never affected me.  That is, not thinking about the World Heavyweight Champion Joe Louis she named me Joseph (Joe) Louis DeMeis in the 50's. She worried that I would be bullied due to the name. I developed a good jab just in case.

I worked as a school psychologist for  24 years before becoming an elementary principal for 9 years.  I never taught but luckily the issue was not even raised, at least to my face, during my years as principal.  When you hire a great staff one seldom has to criticize.  Besides reviewing excellence is a pleasure.

I was born in Lorain, Ohio and worked as a school psychologist in West Virginia before moving to upstate New York for the rest of my career.  I now live on the campus of Wellesley College with my wife and Alaskan malamute.  
Lily the Malamute
Lily remained close by as I wrote From Joe's Desk...  She protected me from nosey squirrels and chipmunks who tried to read over my shoulder.
About The Author
I began writing From Joe's Desk:  Making A School Smile shortly after I retired and realized how fortunate I was to have worked in education, spending the majority of my career in the same school district. While I looked forward to retirement, I now had time to consider my special work as principal of a wonderful school filled with competent professionals who devoted their lives to educating children.  I could not stop thinking about the experience and devotion of the staff yet daily teachers and schools were being criticized for causing everthing from low test scores to an epidemic in childhood obesity.  I knew that I had to not only write about my experience, that was contrary to the negative view of pundits, but had to tell the story of our school in a humorous way. This is my attempt and hope you enjoy the true story.    

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